• Quickly organize content, assignments and tests into a Collection
  • Arrange collection items in a sequence to help student’s learning path
  • Students can track their progress within a Collection
  • Bind various content items into a “book”
  • Educators can showcase or sell their content as a bundle

Lesson Plans

  • Manage Lesson Plans at Week level
  • Link Content to Lesson Plans
  • Unit & Term Planning
  • Designed to manage Multiple Campuses
  • online course system
  • LMS management system
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  • Add Multiple Question Types
  • Auto-Grading & Intelligent Stats
  • No more Homework collection
  • Hints for Instantaneous Learning
  • Manual and Auto creation of Question Bank
  • Use Question Bank to quickly create Assignment

Student Projects

  • Student Collaboration
  • Evidence-Based Assessment
  • Fun with Learning
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  • Integration with Tests, Assignments, Student Project and Discussion Forums
  • Define Rubrics: Percentages and Grades
  • Specify different Rubrics at Class level
  • Add grade line at Course level
  • Use weightage for each grading line
  • Auto calculation of grades which can be manually changed
  • Publish and Print GradeBook by term/unit/year

Multi-Campus Support

  • Connect school campuses from different geographies under one system
  • Manage all your schools within one account
  • Publish content to multi campuses through single click
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LoveMySkool Store

  • Explore, discover and consume educational content
  • Buy individual content cards as well as complete collections
  • Preview before buying
  • Secure (128-bit encryption) and easy payment processing
  • Easy vendor setup
  • Amazing analytics
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And a lot more!

  • Attendance Submission and Reports
  • All Critical Data on Simple Dashboard
  • Smart Search that searches within Content
  • Full-blown Calendar
  • Trending Now and other Stats
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  • Focus on Learning Outcomes
  • Single Platform to Publish And Consume Content
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Designed to meet needs for Schools with Multiple Campuses
  • Community Approach
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