1. Register LoveMySkool with Microsoft OneNote [School Admin]

  • School admin should go to: https://www.onenote.com/lti
  • Sign in with your school/work account
  • Register LoveMySkool under LMS registrations and you will get a Consumer and Shared Secret Key that needs to be noted down
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2. Add your Microsoft OneNote account in LoveMySkool

  • Sign in to your LoveMySkool admin account
  • Go to: Settings > External Tool Provider
  • Click on "Microsoft OneNote" link and enter keys that were noted above
  • Almost done- your Microsoft OneNote account is now integrated with LoveMySkool
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3. Sign In to Microsoft OneNote in LoveMySkool [Teacher/Student]

  • On the left side menu, click on OneNote icon
  • Click on a course from the left-side menu to launch OneNote
  • If you are not signed in already, you will be required to sign in
  • Teacher can then create a OneNote Class Notebook
  • Once the notebook is created, Teacher/Student can access it anytime from here
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