Annai Arul Public School

The interface of BBB conferencing tool was pretty much easier for teachers new to handling computers for the first time. The basic options like Whiteboard, Youtube player and Screen Sharing was in-built in the conferencing tool. The students also found it easier to join the meeting and attend the classes without any hindrance. The application was very much useful in sharing the daily content,assignments and the updates regularly with the parents. The teachers were able to view the students daily assignments and give feedback. Love My Skool application was very helpful during the pandemic which helped in continuous monitoring of the students progress through various features available.

- G. Sindhu, School Administrator - Annai Arul Public School, Chennai

JLL Academy

I am using Lovemyskool portal from last 2 years. As a Japanese language trainer it was difficult for me to revise same topic again and again to my students when they were absent.

But I started using this portal and keep my all notes, lessons, videos, assignments and even a test at one place. Which is very comfortable to all students as well.Most of my students are corporate engineers, so they started using same applications in their cell phones. So it became more easy for them to learn anywhere and any time.

In this pandemic situation, all my offline classes started online from portal. I started using BBB video conference which is available on portal. Fecilities like auto correction of assingments, batch wise tests, grading, attendence, etc makes record system easy.

I appreciate all efforts done by lovemyskool team, so now all work is going so effectively and smoothly.

- Monal Shah, JLL Academy

Little Flower School

As a school admin, i had an issue with documentation and when i came across lovemyskool, i felt i found the right product to help our school in organising it better. During pandemic, when every other schools were struggling with how to ahead with classes, we were thinking about how well we can utilise lovemyskool. They had a good team to help us with the implementation and timely support whenever needed. Thanks to Lovemyskool for making it possible for us and to overcome the crisis. Teachers found it very easy to use as it was simple and anyone can get the hang of it soon. We started conducting classes online and were able to assess the students in a timely manner and were able to organise and keep. Covid pandemic has helped us getting ahead with technology and Lovemyskool has helped us greatly in facing it.

- Udhayaa Tamilvanan - Academic Administrator of Little Flower School Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India

Siddhartha Boarding Higher Secondary School

Dear sir, we'd like to extend our sincere gratitude for your incredible support in the field of emparting quality education through the Love my skool software by joining our school family at a place for those who were away of physical contact even in the crucial circumstances of this unavoidable fatal pandemic. thank you !!

- Rom Shrestha - Administrator - Siddhartha Boarding Higher Secondary School