LoveMySkool | Learning Management System


Assignments are used as homework/practice and for improving learning outcomes.

Distinctive Question types

Nothing stops you from being distinctive

The instructors can now add different sorts of Questions, according to the need of the class, which facilitates students to elucidate the same question with different approaches.


Get a hint

The Assignment feature equips the students with hints for the answers to the questions which they are unable to figure out.

This encourages Instantaneous Learning.

Auto-Grading and Intelligent Stats

The Stats Don't Lie.

The Assignments will be automatically assessed and graded. Stats are generated, based on the results, which helps in apt evaluation of students.

Manual and Auto-creation of question bank

Practice whenever you want

Question Banks are now created automatically. There is a provision of manual creation of Question Bank as well. The feature uses Question banks to generate the Assignments.

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