LoveMySkool | Learning Management System


Improve learning outcomes with homework/practice

Multiple Question Types

An exhaustive variety of questions to choose from

LoveMySkool supports multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blanks, drag-and-drop and subjective question types. All except subjective questions are auto-graded. Questions also have an option to upload images if needed.


Get a hint

You can set up hints to the answers so that students can get some help in answering the questions.

This encourages instantaneous learning.

Auto-Grading and Intelligent Stats

The stats don't lie

The Assignments get automatically assessed and graded. Various reports and analytics are generated to help pinpoint areas that may need more attention and improve learning outcomes.

Growing Question Bank

Size does matter and so does speed

Every time a new question is added to a test, it gets automatically added to the question bank. This makes for a big question bank which eventually helps in quickly creating an assignment by allowing the teacher to randomly select questions from the bank.

Personalized Assignments

Because every student has distinct learning needs

Personalized learning needs can be addressed through tagging a specific set of students to an assignment. This is to ensure that your assignments are tailored to the learning needs of every student.

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