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A Virtual Recognition System for Promoting a Positive Learning Culture and Better Learning Outcomes

Gamified Learning Experience

Let the games begin!

Learning is an ongoing journey and badges let the students know that their success and progress is noticed and rewarding. Gamified learning can be the easiest way to engage the students. Let the games begin!

Inspire Students

All it requires, is a small push!

A reward for achieving a milestone and showing it to everyone, acts as a big source of inspiration.They act as a powerful self-goal setting mechanism which pushes them to work harder to earn their next reward.

Create Healthy Competition

The breeding grounds for success!

The badges allow the students to engage in a healthy competition to rise above their peers. They invest time and effort in this endeavor, which not only improves the performance level of an individual but ultimately the entire focus group. It in-turn also makes the educator's job rewarding, to see all students striving hard to succeed and achieve their goals.

Make Learning Fun

Fun is an integral part of learning

Fun is an element that brings the best out of everyone by helping them enjoy what they are doing.That element when added to learning, can work wonders for both students and educators. A winwin for all.

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