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Flipped Classroom

AStart & Join Meetings via Calendar & Postsnytime Anywhere Classroom

Zoom Conferences

Deeply integrated approach to online classrooms

Zoom lets you schedule and run online classroom with various meeting control features including screen sharing, webcams and chatting with them. The integration shows the Upcoming meetings with links to your students right within LoveMySkool so that they don’t need to look for it elsewhere. Click here to learn more about the steps to integrate Zoom with LoveMySkool.

Microsoft Teams

Leverage the power of Microsoft Teams with seamless integration

LoveMySkool integrates with Microsoft Teams meetings so that teachers and administrators can create new Teams and Meetings directly from LoveMySkool. The integration also shows a list of meetings to students so that they can join those meetings from LoveMySkool. And access important artifacts including chat, recordings, and attendance reports. Click here to learn more about the steps to integrate Teams with LoveMySkool.

BigBlueButton Conferences

Integration with a web conferencing system designed for online learning

BigBlueButton requires no setup and provides out-of-the-box integration that caters all important features such as screen sharing, webcams and chatting. Your students can directly join the meetings from LoveMySkool.

Overview for students:

Overview for teachers:


Nothing can replace a visual

Both Zoom and BigBlueButton conferencing tools let you draw/scribble on a whiteboard. This helps make the classroom session bit more visually interactive.

Video Recordings

Revisit for thorough understanding

Most online conferencing tools allow you to record your online sessions. Links to those recorded sessions can be viewed directly from LoveMySkool.

Start & Join Meetings via Calendar & Posts

No more link sharing via emails

LoveMySkool integration is deeper and automatically shares the meeting URL on the Course page, Calendar and Wall Post. This way, the link is shared directly within LoveMySkool and only with the relevant group of students.

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