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Tests are used for student assessments and for improving learning outcomes.

Adaptive Tests

Assess each student differently using machine learning techniques

Adaptive tests make use of machine learning techniques (patent pending) to tailor the test based on a student’s performance while using item response theory. The ultimate goal is to improve learning outcomes.

Timed and Practice Tests

A time-bound or a practice test could be given to your students for assessments

Timed tests could be used as an alternative to paper-based exams and are designed to improve overall teacher productivity. Whereas Practice tests could be taken multiple times by a student and are meant to help learning outcomes.

Growing Question Bank

A question bank comes in handy for quickly creating a test or quiz

Every time a new question is added to a test, it gets automatically added to the Question Bank. This later helps in creating a test in a jiffy by allowing the teacher to randomly select questions from the bank based on level of difficulty.

Multiple Question Types

Yes, you can go for all types of questions!

LoveMySkool supports multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blanks, drag-and-drop and subjective question types. All except subjective questions are auto-graded. Questions also have an option to upload images if needed.

Meaningful & Actionable Analytics

Let’s remember, why do we test

The conventional approach of running assessments takes away the focus from learning. LoveMySkool provides actionable analytics to view performances per concept or topic and to also identify questions answered incorrectly.

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