LoveMySkool | Learning Management System

More Features

Flash Cards

Provides small pieces of information in a memorable and interesting way

Flash cards are one of the classic learning tools. They promote learning through active recall, which is one of the practices through which our brains learn most effectively.

All the questions created are automatically converted into flash cards. Flash cards can be flipped to see the answer, answer explanation and the suggested reads for the question


Attendance taking made Easy and Fast

LoveMySkool facilitates Attendance taking and reporting. It takes less than 2 minutes to take attendance in LoveMySkool. Attendance can be taken via the app too.

LoveMySkool provides automatic notification to parents for absent students. Administrators can easily access the attendance data as and when required

Student Preview

Access all the relevant data for a student on a single screen

Shows all the data for a particular student including grades and attendance. A very useful tool to review the performance of students. Parents and students can see.

My Learning Plan

Learn, Measure, Score, Repeat

Machine Learning based auto-generated customized learning Plans for each student.


Keep track of all the learning and personal events/activities

Separate calendar for each course. All the users enrolled into the course get access to the calendar. A separate personal calendar is also provided to each user to create personal events.


All Critical Data on Simple Dashboard

Separate Dashboards for each user. Also Dashboards for each course and batch.


Let them shine

Encourage students by showcasing their Achievements within the learning management system. Teachers and Students can post these Achievements and also share them with the outside world.

Global Search

Powerful global search to find anything and everything within the system

A quick and easy way to find anything and everything in the system. All kinds of content, discussions, polls, users, calendar events & wall posts can be searched in a single search.

Create Course

Create multiple courses, with modules and concepts.

You can manage your courses topic by topic. You can create a separate calendar and discussion thread for each course.

Multi-Campus Support

School districts and school chains can benefit from the LoveMySkool workflow.

Connect different Branches

The more you take care of your branches, the better you grow

All the branches of a school/organization can connect together seamlessly and move forward at their own pace. This vastly improves mutual coordination with the branches.

Swift Workflow

Swift, seamless, super-efficient

With LMS's multi-campus support, the workflow for the campuses at different geographies becomes extremely lucid and incredibly swift, allowing all the branches to connect centrally.

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