LoveMySkool | Features | Fee Module

Fees Management

Managing fees made easy!

Dynamic Fee Plans

Because Fees cannot have one-size-fits-all

Implement the variations in fee plans to meet your school’s needs for a flexible fee structure that is different for each class.

Multiple Fee Types

Show granular breakdown of fees

Schools like to provide transparency with their fees breakdown. And that can continue to stay the same way with LoveMySkool. So that parents can view detailed breakdown in form of Tuition Fees, Food Charges, and so on.

Student-based Customization

We all need a little bit of customization

You could have special discounts such as “sibling discount” and “sportsperson discount” that are applicable only to specific students. LoveMySkool allows you to setup fees at an individual student level.

Fee Installments

Because not everyone pays in one-go

Setup installments schedule and the related changes in the fees total so that parents know exactly what’s due when.

Pay Online

Avoid long queues

Schools can configure online payment so that parents can process the fees directly within LoveMySkool.

Track online/offline Payments

Some may pay at the school while some online

Schools know that they serve a wide demographic where some may prefer online payments (through LoveMySkool) while some would go for offline payments through use of cheques or cash. While online payments will automatically get reflected for a student, the offline ones can be marked manually.

Receipt Generation

Everyone likes a payment receipt

Parents can view and download the fee payment receipt for future reference.

Reminders & Calendar Integration

Don’t forget the fees

LoveMySkool integrates with its own calendar and sends reminders for payments.

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