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Explore & discover digital educational content.


Knowledge is the treasure for tomorrow.

One can never learn enough and for those who are on a quest to learn more and more. LoveMySkool provides a content store with rich content at highly affordable prices.


See it before you buy it

We at LoveMySkool believe that individuals should make an informed decision and thus we offer previews to the content and courses we provide on our content store. This helps students and teachers select the content of their choice.


Buy without worrying

Our easy payment process and 128-bit encryption assures our users a high level of security- mostly used by banking applications. And the payment gateway is handled via our payment vendors as we do not store your banking/credit card details with us.

Happy Vendors

Set your shop without bricks

Our vendors can easily set up their accounts on our store as the whole process is very quick and easy to follow.

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