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Digital content/articles that teachers create for a concept or topic.

Personalized Learning

We all know that every student is different

LoveMySkool is an enabler of self-paced and personalized learning experience. Students can review and revisit content as and when they want and intrinsic artificial intelligence assists them with focusing on the areas where they need more attention.


Just like every student is different; every teacher is different too

LoveMySkool lets teachers collaborate to work on the same content and allows the use multiple pedagogical models. Some teachers are good with visual content while some are with text- based content. There is no reason they should not be allowed to collaborate and help all types of learners.

Create Rich Digital Content

New tools for the new generation

LoveMySkool comes with an easy-to-use WYSIWG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that just works like a document editor. Teachers can also add rich multi-media content and mathematical formula to deliver a rich learning experience.

Power of Keywords

Unleash the power of keywords

Break the boundaries of grades and curriculum by allowing students to jump to “Related Pages” or content so that they can revisit the topic’s fundamentals or challenge themselves by going to a much more advanced content and take learning to the next level.


Don’t underestimate the positive outcome of taking notes

LoveMySkool allows students take fancy digital notes so that they can browse the content quickly the next time they are there and also understand it in their words.

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