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A customized Report Card to suit your needs.


Integrating awesomeness

All your tests, assignments and projects are integrated to be viewed at a click. Teachers can grade tests, projects and assignments side by side for all the individual students, while students can view their grades for all of them at the same place.


We shape our own tools

LoveMySkool allows you to configure customized rubrics for your courses so that you can assess students on the basis of percentage or grade-based calculations. This can help schools to make more personalised rubrics.

Weightage for Grading Lines

LoveMySkool lets you specify the weight for each

grading line so that you can control how those individual grades roll up to the final grade. Providing flexibility in case you prefer adding different weightage on assignments versus tests and so on. The auto-calculation part also eliminates any human error that could happen while doing these calculations manually.

Publish and Print


Once all the grade sheets are prepared, teachers can just print them from the system itself. No longer do teachers need to insert grades for individual students, saving them an enormous amount of time. LoveMySkool also provides services (no extra charges) to customize the look-and-feel of the Gradebook to meet the institute’s preferences.

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